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Twitter Bootstrap is a front-end toolkit to rapidly build web applications.

Bootstrap is a framework that uses some of the latest browser techniques to provide you with stylish typography, navigation, buttons, tables, etc. One of the primary changes in Bootstrap 3 is an emphasis on Mobile-First responsive design. The goal is to elevate the mobile experience to a first-class citizen of the design process, because several billion mobile users is quite a large market to tap into. So, sites built with the current Bootstrap version target mobile devices and scale for larger screens depending on screen size.

Try and Tweak Different Layouts

Mobile-first + Responsive

Instead of creating a unique version of the webpage for each desktop, mobile & tablet, you can now create one design that works on all devices, browsers & resolutions. Your designs will be future ready when a new table or phone size comes in the market, your designs will adapt itself and fit to the new screen size.

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Beautiful Bootstrap Templates

We love templates. We love Bootstrap.

Get more free templates like this at the Bootstrap Playground, Bootply.